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Yosh's Island Bead Art!

Episode 5: Touch Crafty, Get Veggie!

Jeff surprises Mike and Bill this week by sending his wife, Aislinn, to the studio! Mike, Bill and Aislinn discuss Saints Row IV, Borderlands, Childhood Gaming and tons of other things on this week’s extra long episode!


Add-On Content:
Crafty Veggie
Alice Otherworlds
Half-Life 2 Supported By Oculus Rift
InFamous Second Son Screenshots
Watch Dogs Gameplay
Saints Row IV Trailer


Episode 4: It’s Like Skyrim with Guns…and Neon

This week we talk talk A LOT about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Rayman’s reincarnation! We talk about other things too though, we promise.

Add-On Content:
Injustice New DLC Character: Batgirl
New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots
New Borderlands 2 DLC Announced: Tiny Tina and the Assault on Dragon Keep
Arkham Origins New Look
New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer
Elder Scrolls Online – Journey to Coldharbour Trailer
Michael Biehn Confirms Potential Blood Dragon Sequel
Rayman Legends – Eye of the Tiger Trailer