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Episode 20: Baby Games

In this Episode, Jeff and Bill talk about Batman: Arkham Origins, Tiny Death Star, Pokemon X/Y (and how much Mike hates it) and have our exclusive Pokemon battle, recorded live and un-edited! Hope you enjoy!


Episode 19: Grand Theft Pokemon

Jeff’s wife, Aislinn, joins us in studio this month to talk about Grand Theft Auto V, and Pokemon X & Y. Also, Jeff reviews Assassin’s Creed at the end of the show.

Episode 18: Plus One

This week, Chris Rowe joins us (all three of us!) to talk about games! By games, we don’t mean just The Last Of Us and Animal Crossing. We spend an unfortunate amount of time talking about sports games, as well. Don’t forget to stay tuned until the end, as Jeff gives us a full review of Psychonauts, one of the best games that you played ten years ago!

Episode 17: We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

This week, Mike, Jeff and Bill ALL SAT IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER! I know, right? I didn’t believe it either. Also, They’ve made the decision to release this on the 15th of every month, as well as to take the explicit tag and let their bad-word flags fly!

Of course, you’ve got two POG on the Go!’s to listen to. One from Bill about his experiences playing Battlefield 3 for the first time ever, and one from Jeff With his final thoughts of Earthbound.

Enjoy it, Outcasts!

Episode 16: Let’s Chat

This week, Bill brings us the news, and Bill and Jeff talk a bit about what they’ve been playing, and what they’re looking forward to playing.


Episode 15: POG on the GO! x3 Part 2: The Second One

Since Bill’s on vacation this week, and Mike is ultra-extra busy with working this week, we had to do another POG on the GO! x3. This is the last one, I swear, for a while!

Assassin’s Creed IV 13 Minute Open World Caribbean Gameplay



Episode 14: POG on the GO x3 Turbo!

Mike (and our announcer) are on vacation this week, so we decided to record our own POG on the GO! segments. Enjoy!

Click here to find a Pikmin 3 event near you!


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