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Episode 17: We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

This week, Mike, Jeff and Bill ALL SAT IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER! I know, right? I didn’t believe it either. Also, They’ve made the decision to release this on the 15th of every month, as well as to take the explicit tag and let their bad-word flags fly!

Of course, you’ve got two POG on the Go!’s to listen to. One from Bill about his experiences playing Battlefield 3 for the first time ever, and one from Jeff With his final thoughts of Earthbound.

Enjoy it, Outcasts!


Episode 13: Excite Ike

This week on POG, we’re joined by Ike Kunkel (Jeff’s little brother) for a discussion about games that ALMOST doesn’t end up with us talking about Animal Crossing! (almost)

William Drake

Episode 12: The One Where We Try To Avoid Talking About Animal Crossing and The Last of Us

This week on Popular Outcasts Gaming, Mike returns! After the news segment, Mike and Bill discuss what games they have on the back burner!


Episode 10: Animal Crossing: New Last of Us

This week on POG, we discuss the end of E3 and what we’re playing!

Animal Crossing



The Last of Us

Episode 9: It Ain’t E3 Being Green

This week on POG, we dive into a heavy section of gaming news, get heated about new console decisions, discuss what we’re currently playing and Bill wraps up E3!Video mentioned by Bill in the E3 wrap-up.




Episode 8: Megaman Rocks, Man

This week on POG: Mike, Jeff and Bill tackle gaming news, upcoming releases and discuss what their playing (as usual!)

Add-On Content:
Megaman Jeff by @VoxTheDevil – Twitter, Tumblr

Bill Luthor

Episode 7: Xbox Womp, Womp

On this weeks episode, Mike, Jeff and Bill discuss Microsoft’s recent bunder; the XBOX ONE. Besides talking smack on Microsoft, they also discuss the usual topics.